GHG Reporting &
Accounting Standards

MiniSeries: GHG Reporting & Accounting Standards is part of the SuperSeries: Introduction to Carbon Emissions: How to Deliver A Net Zero Roadmap.

This MiniSeries delves into Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management. Learn GHG Protocol Principles, accounting terms, and key steps in management.

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Introductory Level

40 Minutes

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Your 40 Minutes Micro-Learning

Lesson 1:
GHG Reporting &
Accounting Standards

Gain a comprehensive understanding of commonly used GHG accounting standards and the fundamental principles that must be upheld in GHG accounting practices.

Lesson 2:
GHG Accounting Terminologies

Discover essential GHG accounting terminologies for accurate GHG reporting. Master key concepts to effectively measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Lesson 3:
Key Steps In Managing Your
GHG Inventory

Master key steps in GHG inventory management: understand usage, map boundaries, determine emissions coverage, and collaborate with internal teams for accurate accounting. Achieve successful greenhouse gas measurement and effective sustainability initiatives.

Lesson 4:
GHG Emissions
Identification Methodology

Explore GHG emission sources, data collection, classification, and identification. Understand bottlenecks and utilize tools for accurate GHG calculations and scoping to drive sustainable environmental management.

After Lesson Assessments

Enhance your understanding through assessments, which consist of 5 questions along with their answers and explanations.

Supporting Materials

Assess handpicked supporting materials such as reports, videos, papers, etc., or explore recommended tools that offer shortcuts to enhance your understanding for practical everyday business operations.